Quick Update - We have tons of bikes!

Hey there,

So far winter has been very good to us. With not-so-cold temperatures, lots of people are out there riding, which means the service shop has been running non-stop and bikes keep selling.

We are doing our best to keep the store well stocked - In fact, we have our best-selling bikes available right now!

We have got the Norco Sight A2 in all sizes. If you're looking for a hardtail that can be taken to the most gnarly trails, we also got the Norco Torrent in all sizes and models.

Dreaming of the ultimate trail bike? The optic C2 is in stock for $6399 in sizes medium and XL.

If you're a Transition fan, there are Sentinels, Patrols and Scouts on the floor!

City and entry-level bikes from Brodie and Norco, ranging from $800 to $1600, are also in stock.

See you on the trails!